Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak

The Maturity Level of Information Technology Governance of Online Cosmetics Business


Abstracts: The tendency of the management that focuses on facets of strategies and business risks without comprehending the procurement, the implementation, the availability of services, and information technology governance supports leads to not centralised online cosmetics business management and an increasing level of the customer turnover. The aims of this research are to cognise the gap value of each process of DS (Deliver and Support) and AI (Acquire and Implement) Domains and to recommend the information technology which is suitable for COBIT 4.1 Framework. The maturity level of the information technology governance of DS Domain shows that the average score is 2.301 and the lowest one is on the process of DS4, i.e. 1.968. This condition reflects that all processes have not reached 2.51. Meanwhile, the average score of AI Domain is 2.674 and the lowest one is on the process of AI4, i.e. 2.456. Evenly, AI Domain has been at the interval 2.51-3.50 (defined process). The relationship among DS4 and other information technology processes is on the control objective input comprising PO2, PO9, AI2, AI4, and DS1 and the control objective output consisting of PO9, DS1, DS8, DS9, DS11, and ME1. On the other hand, AI4 Domain has the control objective input comprising PO10, AI1, AI2, AI3, AI7, and DS7 and the control objective output consisting of AI7, DS4, DS8, DS9, DS11, DS13, and DS7.


Keyword: IT Governance; Maturity Level; Deliver and Support; Acquire and Implement; COBIT 4.1 Framework

Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak By SANDY KOSASI, VEDYANTO