Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak

Design of Geografic Information System in Establishing Gas Station


Abstracts: The increasing need of fuel oil provides opportunities to set up petrol stations at wide space in the district of South Pontianak. However, the limited information hinders the determination or selection of correct and strategic places based on the needs. Fulfilling a number of criteria and requirements of the local government and not violating the law of city planning are required. This research aims at producing a web-based geographical information system to provide easiness in blowing the condition of the land and new locations where the petrol stations are set up without initial surveys. The method used to develop the software is Waterfall Model. Online maps served by Google Maps are used The geographical information system can give accurate information concerning the spread of the locations in the district of South Pontianak spatially and non-spatially. This system also contains the information of spatial locations, addresses, facilities, and location mapping of new petrol stations.


Keyword: Geographic Information System, Web-Based, Google Maps, Waterfall Model

Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak By SANDY KOSASI