Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak

Analisis Implementasi Sistem Informasi Manajemen Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah (SIM-RSUD) Terintegrasi Di Provinsi Kalimantan Barat


Abstracts: Healthcare organizations require integrated management information systems (MIS) in order to enhance better medical services. This integrated Healthcare management information systems (HMIS) software is designed to integrate major hospital functions into one complete system stored in central database. However, there has been few empirical studies that attempt to delineate the implementation of local made of customized-HIS real world in a rural area where the healthcare industry is under pressure to improve patient safety, operate more efficient, reduce medical errors, and provides secure access to timely information while controlling costs, protecting patient privacy, and complying with legal guidelines. This study reveals the results of an empirical research on how the local made HIS software was successfully implemented at the local Hospital. Findings show that customized-HMIS software, understanding IT infrastructure and functions, mapping organizational structure are amongst the keys success of real world HMIS implementation. These origin and empirical study would contribute to both academia and healthcare industries, and to those who are interested in considering adopting local made customizedhealthcare system to achieve improve medical services.


Keyword: Information systems, MIS, Integrated HMIS implementation.

Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak By ALEXANDER HARSONO