Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak

Pengukuran Kinerja System Application and Product (SAP) pada Wilmar Group Plantation Pontianak


Abstracts: The main objective of this research is to assess the operational performance of Wilmar Group Plantation Pontianak which is using System Application Product (SAP) to support the employees’ performance of the operational system in giving work report from each division. The method for this study with IT Balanced Scorecard through four perspectives, the first perspectivs is user orientation, the second perspective is business contribution, the third perspective operational excellence and the last perspective is future orientation. This research by using descriptive analysis methods. Instrument and variables is a questionnaire containing questions by using the method of measuring the performance of the IT Balanced Scorecard. The highest perspective is the perspective of the user’s orientation that is equal to 24.27%, the second is a future-oriented perspective amounted to 24.11%, the third is perspective of operational improvement amounted to 24.09%and the fourth is perspective of the organization's contribution amounted to 23.35%. The performance of ApplicationProduct System which is used to support the employee's performance is at a very good level with a value of 95.82%. The result of the study informs that System Application Product (SAP) is able to support the performance of employees of Wilmar Group Plantation Pontianak.


Keyword: application, performance measurement, descriptive, IT balanced scorecard

Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak By DIANA FITRIANI