Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak

Pengaruh Karakteristik Pengguna Social Media Terhadap Keputusan Pembelian (Studi Kasus Pontianak)


Abstracts: Social media connects marketer to consumer. Social media users in Indonesia have become one of the most active in the world. The rapid growth of social media provides marketer a new avenue in search of competitive advantage. The aim of this paper is to assess the impact of social media on five stage of purchase decision process. This paper reveals that consumers in Pontianak frequently use social media to search for food products, transportation and apparels. All of the groups studied have high perceived credibility, convenience and effectiveness towards the use of social media as information gathering tool. Social media also impacts purchase decision stage and post purchase stage. Groups that are affected by social media have demographic characteristics of women gender, student or working men/women, and social media also affects youngsters under 25 years old. On the contrary, social media affects less on older consumers and independent entrepreneurs. Other findings reveal that review of products from friends influenced purchase decision stage. Findings in post purchase also reveal that consumers tend not to write reviews on their own but actively share positive or negative reviews.


Keyword: social media, purchase decision, factor analysis, anova

Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak By IRAWAN WINGDES