Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak

Analisis Pengaruh Display Interior Terhadap Perilaku Pembelian Impulsif Konsumen Indomaret Pontianak


Abstracts: Impulsive buying means consumen tendency to buy items off one's product list. This conditions created by shop in order to influence consumers behaviour, so the purpose of this research is to get know the influence of interior display on impulsive buying behavior. According to the marketer's goals, impulse buying has positive effets on company income. The most important thing in consumer behavior is about impulsive buying. So the purpose of this research is to get know the influence of Indomaret's interior display on impulsive buying behavior. Research method is quantitative method. The population was consumer Indomaret point Pontianak with a sampling technique accidental sampling technique that produces 100 respondents as sample.The research was conducted on 100 Indomaret's consumen in Pontianak. And the method of data collective is primary method by using quesionnare. The research use SPSS 16.00 to analize validity, reliability, multiple regression, and hipothesis. The results of analysis, shown that impulsive buying behavior is influenced by interior display. While simultaneously, all of independent variables have positive effects 61,31% on impulsive buying behavior, while 38,69% influenced by others factos excludes these independent variables. Partially analysis also shown same result as positive as simultaneously.


Keyword: Procurement Stock, Grouping Goods, Display Product and Store Lighting, Impulsive Buying Behavior

Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak By ANA FITRIANA