Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak

Evaluation of Information Technology Governance Implementation in Business Enterprises


Abstracts: Evaluation of IT (Information Technology) governance implementation aims to both ascertain that business goals are achievable and prevent the risks of business process failures by referring to appropriate elements of data management mechanism of family business enterprises. This research was conducted to cognize the gap value of implementation of current and upcoming IT governance and to provide model recommendations of of IT governance concerning objectives and performances of enterprises with association to PO (Plan and Organize), DS (Deliver and Support), and other IT processes using COBIT 4.1. PO domain shows the average value 2.672 and the least value of PO10 is 2.324. Meanwhile, the average value of DS domain is 2.768 and the least value of DS4 is 2.535. This evaluation recommends that an interrelated model of PO10, DS4, and other IT processes truly exists. This idea emphasizes the approach of IT management through the participation of the management and the stakeholders, progress monitoring, and IT risks. The other recommendations are on the redefinition and the determination of responsibilities to ascertain sustainability of service systems and supports of information. Lastly, specific documentation should be possessed to encourage all system needs and activities to serve information needs.


Keyword: Evaluation, Implementation, IT Governance, Plan and Organize, Deliver and Support, COBIT 4.1. Framework