Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak

Contribution of Information Technology through Consumer Engagement to Improve Market Growth of Credit Union


Abstracts: Credit Union (CU) cooperative in West Kalimantan continues to experience significant growth as one of the democracy strength. As a financial institution in the form of cooperative, the credit union had owned and controlled by the members who use its services. Professional management had made CU stronger with regard to solidarity aspect of the stakeholders in it. The use of information technology for service activity in order to keep the solidarity, members also had participated in the growth of the Credit Union, but there are some values of contribution that still unknown, such as the contribution of information technology and the participation of members. The research problem formulated to (a) produce new research on the influence of IT innovation, IT resource, IT service and the involvement of consumer in enhancing business growth; (B) create a hypothetical test design in order to know the influence of each variable in this research. This research aims to produce model and hypothetical test design to recognize the influence of IT innovation, IT resource, IT service and consumer involvement in enhancing business growth. This research was designed with unit explanatory survey that analyzed by organization. Furthermore, this research applied mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) and triangulation strategy. The sample included 58 Credit Union is measured by using the formula Slovin. Credit Union (CU) determined by simple random sampling technique because it is based on the contribution of information technology and consumer involvement in business growth. This study only produces a research proposal model without providing results that illustrate the role of information technology and empirical consumer involvement.


Keyword : IT Innovation, IT Resource, IT Service, Consumer Engagement, Business Growth.