Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak

Improving Information Service Performance of Family Businesses through IT Governance


Improving information service performance is central and immensely influences all business activities, run by family enterprises in particular. Contextually, online businesses have not engaged mapping of transparent and accountable information services. This research aimed to obtain more comprehensive results to ease improvement of IT process values in actualizing information service performance. Besides assessing maturity values and managerial implications, the model of IT governance was recommended based on the relationship of processes of Acquire and Implement (AI) Domain, Monitor and Evaluate (ME) Domain, and others through COBIT 4.1 Framework. Results show that averages of AI and ME Domains are respectively 2.788 and 2.417. The lowest scores of these domains are 2.312 (AI4), 2.416 (AI5), 2.356 (ME1), and 2.235 (ME4). A recommended model of IT governance emphasizes the management of changes through horizontal communication and orientation of the seniority level in the family and synchronization and interoperability of improving information service performance for internal and external needs.


Keyword:Information Service Performance, Family Businesses, IT Governance, AI, ME

Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak By Sandy Kosasi, Vedyanto, Velwin Wibowo