Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak

Improvement of Business Performance through IT Governance Adoption in Online Stores


The gap of measurement results of maturity levels of IT governance reflects that adoption of IT governance has possessed no clarity on critical factors of success in assuring availability of information services and improving business performance of online stores. Business strategy should be reinforced. Also, alternatives of competitive strategy should be formulated. In this study context, the scopes were on variables of strategic alignment, IT leadership, and culture. This study put its goal of cognizing to what extent influences of IT governance adoption could support and ensure IT operation services improving business performance of online stores in West Kalimantan. An explanatory survey method was applied to analysis units of organizations. The respondents were heads or managers with more than five-year experience. The survey was conducted through google form to 112 online stores. However, only 99 respondents submitted the filled forms. Data were processed through Likert Scales and SEM-PLS analysis. Based on analysis of the path diagram, the whole coefficients showed positive, direct influences. Nevertheless, based on tstatistics, there were some insignificant influences. Adjusted Rsquared value was 0.740, meaning that business performance was immensely influenced by all perspective variables, especially strategic alignment regardless of IT governance adoption in online stores in West Kalimantan

Keyword : Business Performance, IT Governance Adoption, Online Stores

Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak By Sandy Kosasi, Vedyanto, I Dewa Ayu Eka Yuliani, Robertus Laipaka