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Perancangan Aplikasi Bisnis E-Commerce Menggunakan Pemodelan UML pada HD Photography


The design of these application can be a reliable soulition to anticipate the level of competition is growing rapidly, especially this photography busniess. Through the application is expected this photography business opportunities can be developed more quickly and fill the needs of all segments of the existing market to avoid the trap of the constrained in terms of geographical aspects of Photography services and bookings can be made anywhere. The design of business application E-Commerce HD Photography has features such as booking or package booking online photo services, feature gallery to display recent pictures, and availability instant chat to pass up a question and answer online consulting. Content of the website consists of pages and pages visitors administrator. Navigation system on the visitor page is divided into two parts, namely the header and body parts. Home menu displays the header section, FAQs, and about us while the body display menu gallery, services and contact us. The process of making a website using PHP and MySQL database using. Design method E-Commerce business applications using the incremental model, especially for modelling UML use case and sequence diagrams.

Keywords : E-Commerce Business Application, Incremental Model, UML Modeling, Use Case Diagram, HD Photography

Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak By SANDY KOSASI