Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak

Impacts of IT Strategic Alignment and IT-enabled Dynamic Capabilities on Online Businesses


The lack of measurable and obvious IT strategic alignment, inadequate focus on customer experiences, absence of linkages between businesses and IT, weak IT-enabled dynamic capabilities, and unresponsiveness are commonly identified factors contributing to the failure or difficulty of companies in establishing online businesses. Furthermore, a restricted range of work establishes a connection between the alignment of information technology (IT) strategies and the development of IT-enabled dynamic capabilities while considering the impact of IT governance systems on organizational agility. The research aimed to validate and determine the degree to which the alignment of IT strategy and the existence of IT-enabled dynamic capabilities had a favorable impact on the organizational agility of online businesses. The research methodology used for this research was convergent triangulation, utilizing an explanatory design incorporating follow-up explanations. The sample population consisted of organizations operating online businesses in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, with a minimum operational experience of five years. A total of 258 respondents completed the questionnaires. The data collected was processed using Likert scales. The data underwent additional analysis using Structural Equation Modeling-Partial Least Squares (SEM-PLS). The findings indicate that the alignment of IT strategy has a significant and positive effect on the agility of organizations, achieved through the utilization of IT-enabled dynamic capabilities. On the other hand, the impact of IT-enabled dynamic capabilities on the organizational agility of online businesses is found to be insignificant.

Kata Kunci :IT Strategic Alignment, IT-enabled Dynamic Capabilities, IT Governance Mechanisms, Organizational Agility.

Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pontianak By Sandy Kosasi, Bob Subhan Riza, I Dewa Ayu Eka Yuliani, Robertus Laipaka, Diana Fitriani, Madhiyono